Who’s the VooDoo…

The Villainous VooDoo is not a single person but a collection of like minded People.  We are like minded in our views of life, family, religion, politics or anything else that makes up the human experience.  At our Core, we believe:


  • I have a right to Conscience
  • Our government is too big and our voice is too small
  • Free markets drive economic prosperity
  • Fiscal responsibility is not a punch line
  • My privacy is absolute
  • You can’t have my guns


  • One Man, One Woman


  • Loyalty above all else, except Honor
  • Do exactly what you say you will do
  • Say exactly what you mean


  • The 10 commandments are just guidelines
  • You don’t need to go to church to talk to God
  • Any Priest that takes advantage of a child should be shot


  • Life is funny, so laugh at it
  • Life is precious, so protect and honor it
  • Life is short, so get busy


  • Every American should give two years compulsory Federal Service
  • Every Military Veteran should be Revered
  • The fallen will never be forgotten


  • People should be judged by what they say and what they do, not who they are

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