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  • We Can Thank Top Union Officials for Trump

    As Trump keeps depressing us with his erratic politics swinging wildly around his fragile ego, even to the point of threatening nuclear war, one might ask: How did we get here?  And, of course, we naturally turn to the Democratic Party dominated by its pro-corporate agenda as the […]

  • The Republican Party Falls Apart, the Democrats Get Stuck

    The Republican Party has been falling apart for at least 54 years. The official start of this process can be dated to 1964, when the conservative Republican Barry Goldwater captured the GOP nomination for president. When asked his plans if elected, he replied, “I do not plan to pass […]

  • Trump, North Korea, and Iran

    As one of the original settlers of the sparsely populated territory situated between the deranged and warring states of Antitrumplandia and Philotrumplandia, I’m breathing easier today. Anyone who longs for peace and an end to the big-power nuclear threat can only welcome what Trump and Kim […]

  • Trump the (Shakespearean) Fool: a New Look at the Dynamics of Trumpism

    Not long after Donald Trump’s accession to the presidency, I found myself arguing with fellow oppositionists who insisted that the new POTUS was either insane, moronic, knowingly corrupt, or a Russian agent – or all four simultaneously.   It seemed to me – and still does […]

  • Protect Immigrant Rights; End the Crises That Drive Migration

    The ugliness of US immigration policy is once again evident. There is national outrage that separating children, often infants, from their parents is wrong. There is also national consensus (nine out of ten people in the US) that people brought here by their parents, the Dreamers, should not […]

  • Norway: Just Withdraw From NATO

    Norway has announced that it has invited the U.S. to expand the contingent of Marines it sent to the country last year to 700, and to post troops closer to the Russian border. Russia protests that this undermines trust between Oslo and Moscow. Why is this important? In 1949 Norway joined NATO […]

  • Nerd Culture, Adultolescence, and the Abdication of Social Priorities

    For several days now, a small sector of the internet has been ablaze over the allegations of emotional abuse that actress/model Chloe Dykstra accused of her former boyfriend, media personality Chris Hardwick. If you have never heard of Hardwick, he was once a DJ at “world famous KROQ” […]

  • The Forest Service Should Not be Above the Law

    U.S. Senator Daines (R-MT) seeks to add a rider on the Farm Bill to take away citizens’ rights to sue the federal government on Forest Service decisions. What he seems to have forgotten is that the U.S. Constitution gives people the absolute right to challenge federal government decisions in […]

  • Pro-GMO Activism And Smears Masquerade As Journalism: From Seralini To Jairam Ramesh, Aruna...

    The Print is a Delhi-based, online news magazine that began operations in August 2017. On 9 June, it published a short article by Sandya Ramesh under the title ‘EU study trashes anti-GM paper by French expert who Jairam Ramesh cited to ban Bt Brinjal’. Sandhya Ramesh is a […]

  • Does the Burns/Novick Vietnam Documentary Deserve an Emmy?

    By the time I reached Episode Four in this ten-episode film, I concluded it should not be touted as an Emmy Award winning documentary. Episode Four “Resolve,” is the story of 1966, a year that the producers of this film have designated as the time when doubt began to worm its way into […]

  • 2018 Electioneering in Appalachian Virginia

    In a couple of previous pieces in CounterPunch I dealt with the political situation in rural southwest Virginia, where I happen to live. As a non-citizen (by choice), I can’t vote, but since I pay taxes I have a vested interest in electoral outcomes. The two congressional districts in […]

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