Rape a minor, get 30 days?

No in my world.  Friends, take this story as official notice that the US Justice System is seriously fu(ked up.  In Billings, Montana, District Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced  former teacher Stacey Rambold to just 30 days for the rape of a 14 year-old girl citing the victim was “older than her chronological age.” and that the victim had as much control of the situation as her attacker.  TEACHER-RAPE-SENTENCEJudge, are you off your meds?  You’re kidding right?  Did I mention that the victim killed herself at age 16?  The judge has defended the 30-day sentence as appropriate because Rambold was considered a low risk to re-offend. Yet a Montana prosecutor said Thursday that he believes Baugh erred in the sentencing.  Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito said that a legal review of the case by his office suggests Rambold should have received at least two years in prison. Twito said he’s working with the appellate division of the state Attorney General’s Office on whether to appeal.

If the Villainous VooDoo was the judge in this case, this scumbag (Rambold) would be sentanced to being dragged down the Main Street of Billings by his nut-sack until something broke off.  Then give him two years in the State Penitentiary to lick his wounds and explain to ‘Bubba’ why he’s there with no dick.  Of course if the victim was my daughter, I would take great pleasure in chopping off his unit and handing it to him personally.  Let the Fu(ker bleed-out…

UPDATE – 09/04/13 – Montana’s top law-enforcement official has called a 30-day rape sentence handed down by a district judge last week “illegal” and filed an appeal Wednesday with the state supreme court.

UPDATE – 04/30/14 -Montana Supreme Court says 30-day sentence inappropriate for ex-teacher who raped teen; district judge misruled

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