Best Cyber Ranger?

Friends, you may have heard about the annual Best Ranger Competition where our nations best operators compete for that coveted title.  It seems USARCENT is taking the best ranger concept and applying it to cyber warfare in the form of “Best Cyber Ranger 2018”. The Ranger community and cyber ops are both near and dear to our hearts but this… this video; this STUPID VIDEO… We’ve got nothing…


Army Ranger Two-Fingered Message to Terrorists…

Tim Kennedy is a decorated Army Ranger, having served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a Mixed Marshall Arts fighter.  He’s also got a very strong opinion about the Islamic terrorists who committed the attack in Paris.

Wearing a shirt that said, “Free Men Do Not Ask Permission To Bear Arms,” his Tweet was simple and clear:

I HATE terrorists. I HATE cowards. Ironically, they are one in the same. #ParisShooting #parisattack

Indeed.  Ranger on…


Army opens legendary Ranger School to women…

For the first time, women will be allowed to attend Ranger School, one of the military’s most physically demanding courses, in a major milestone on the path to open ground combat occupations to female soldiers.  About 60 women volunteered and met the basic requirements to enter the course as part of a one-time assessment, the Army said Thursday. The co-ed class will begin April 20 at Fort Benning in Georgia. The average class size is about 300.

A decision about whether to permanently open the course to women will be made after the course is completed. The Army has said it will not change any standards for women in the course.  The decision comes after the Pentagon ordered the services to open ground combat fields to women by 2016. Services can still request a waiver if they want to exclude women from any occupational field.

“Those who meet the standards and graduate from the course will receive a certificate and be awarded the Ranger tab,” said Lt. Col. Ben Garrett, an Army spokesman.

Friends, this has been kicked around for some time now.  Technically, Ranger School is a leadership course which uses patrolling as the medium and food/sleep deprivation as the stressor.  The VilliousVoodoo says “Go for it!”  If you think you have what it takes, go for it.  As long as the standards are not lowered.  I say this with confidence because making it to and graduating from Ranger school is one thing.  Making it to a tier 1 unit and pulling your weight is quite another.  Below is a taste of what awaits G.I. Jane in Ranger school and subsequently a Ranger Battalion…


Man impersonating Army Ranger might face federal charges

Sean Yetman, a phony Army Ranger, was confronted by Ryan Berk, sergeant in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, for putting on a fake Army uniform and not knowing his military standing. The whole incident was recorded by Berk and posted online.

“Stolen valor at its finest,” Berk told the sham solider in the video. “Why don’t you just admit that you’re a phony?”

The video prompted Bucks County Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, R-8th District, to write to U.S. Attorney Zane Memeger so he could look at the video and realize that it contains possible evidence of a federal crime.

The Stolen Valor Act states that it’s illegal for a person to fraudulently portray themselves as a member of the military in order to get discounts, money or other type of tangible benefits.  Berk said that Yetman was probably dressed up as an Army Ranger when he learned that the Walking Company—a shoe store—offered a military discount.  This is not the first time that Yetman was caught impersonating someone in the call of duty. Yetman had already been convicted for impersonating a cop in 2003, according to court records.


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