Are you Fu(k!ng kidding me?!

First of all, who gives a single solitary shit about Lindsay Lohan?  Apparently Oprah Winfrey does as she has agreed to produce an eight-part docu-series about Lohan’s ‘journey to rebuild her career and stay sober.’  I’m laughing so loud I think my small intestines are coming out!  Career? Please…  And to stay sober?  lohan-drunkShe is way too much of a party-girl for that.  This means one thing and one thing only – MONEY.  Lohan is just spent and her career is non-existent.  She needs the cash to pay her lawyers and to support her habit.  With any luck, she’ll OD on something and save us the trouble.  I personally wouldn’t waste my time on this.

UPDATE – 08/15/13 – What did I tell you?  She wants the cash!  Vanity Fair is reporting that Oprah is giving Lindsay Lohan $2 million and a couple of flunkees to get her through the interview.  Her lawyers are probably happy; they can finally get paid!

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