Kit Review – Meister Aviator

I appreciate a fine watch as much as the next guy but I don’t have the budget to support my habit.  I tend to not pay more than $300.00 for a timepiece and in my opinion, beyond that you are paying for a brand name and not much else.  I’m all about function over style and what catches my eye in a wristwatch is a large (not bullshit rapper large) face with easy to read markings with a second-hand.  I like chronographs vs. digital, leather/rubber wrist bands instead of metal.  I can’t stand a watch that ‘flops around’ on my wrist.  I’ve had plenty of Casio, Citizen and Seiko pieces over the years and they were and still are all fine timepieces.  They all kept accurate time, took a beating, etc.  No issues.

I recently found myself bored with my daily selection and would usually put on a small digital watch to get out the door.  Thought the day I would occasionally glance at it to see where I stood in my indentured servitude to ‘the man’ and in doing so I would perpetuate my problem.  Enter the Meister Aviator.

mstrAs soon as I took the watch out of the box, I loved it.  I excitedly set the time and ran across the only criticism I have which is not being able to set the date without winding the hour & minute hands through a full 24 hours to advance the date indicator.  Although the watch was designed for an aviators needs, I think it functions equally well in the field.  I like the matte finish on the stainles steel case and the canvas strap feels good on my wrist.  In the dark, the dial indicators glow just enough to read the time at close range so no worries about being stealthy.  The chronograph offers a simple start/stop & reset buttons for the hour and minute indicators adding to the clean look.  I like it.  Almost instantly I began receiving complements and inqueries into the watch.  Cool.

A wristwatch is one of those things that defines the man.  It tells you something about the man wearing it and it’s a conversation starter.  If you are looking for a wristwatch that isn’t boring, has a clean look and functions well, give Meister a look.  Don’t expect to be disappointed.

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