The Earth is Flat and I’m going to Prove it!

A man who believes the Earth is flat launched himself almost 2,000 feet into the air in a homemade rocket over the weekend.  “Mad” Mike Hughes, 61, ascended 1,875 feet in his crowdfunded rocket on Saturday before crashing back to Earth in the Mojave Desert outside Amboy, California (only in California).

“I’m tired of people saying I chickened out and didn’t build a rocket — I’m tired of that stuff, I manned up and did it.”

Apart from a sore back and dinged-up rocket, Hughes said he was fine.  Physically…

Hughes has generated controversy over his scientifically unsupported belief that the Earth is flat and shaped “like a Frisbee,” as he describes it.  In a video posted on his Facebook page, he said his goal for the launch was to see the Earth’s shape.

“Do I believe the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee? I believe it is,” Hughes said. “Do I know for sure? No. That’s why I want to go up in space.”

Hughes’ rocket hit estimated speeds of 350 mph before he pulled his parachute. He had to deploy a second parachute to keep from hitting the ground too hard.  Hughes says he still isn’t satisfied by what he saw from a height of nearly 2,000 feet. Next, he wants to build a rocket carried into the upper atmosphere by a balloon and then launched — something he calls a “rockoon.” Hughes said such a craft would take him 68 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Besides investigating whether the Earth is flat by launching himself into space, Hughes wants to run for governor of California.  Perfect!  He’ll fit right in… “Mad” Mike Hughes… Here’s your sign.


Forest camouflage? In Afghanistan?

The U.S. government’s leading oversight authority for Afghanistan reconstruction said there is a criminal investigation into the $28 million boondoggle for forest camouflage for the Afghan army.  Yes, you heard that right, forest camo for the Afghan army.

John Sopko, the special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction (SIGAR), said he opened the investigation after the Pentagon was found to have spent more than $93 million in taxpayer dollars on Afghan National Army (ANA) uniforms that used a forest camouflage pattern, despite the country’s scarcity of forests.

“This $93 million procurement demonstrates what happens when people in the government don’t follow the rules”

No shit… The Pentagon bought the 1.3 million uniforms though the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan over 10 years “without testing its effectiveness and costing up to $28 million more than needed,” Sopko said.  The SIGAR report findings, released in June, was widely panned as a major misuse of taxpayer dollars. Even Defense Secretary Jim Mattis weighed in last week, condemning the alleged waste as “cavalier” spending in a memo to Pentagon officials.

Sopko recommended fixes to the Pentagon’s personnel system, saying that such wasteful spending continues to occur because of lack of accountability and is made all the more difficult due to annual rotation requirements.

“They’re never held accountable for their screw up because they’re not around when the screw up is discovered by us,” he said. “By the time we get there – it’s like the detective show you see on TV, if we’re lucky there’s a chalk outline of the body, but usually it’s seven years old.”

Friends, take a minute and let the CSTC-A Leadership know your thoughts on the matter… Unbelievable…


Man shoots himself, doesn’t notice for two days…

forrest_gumpFriends, as staunch supporters of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, we must also (and do) fully emphasize safety above all else when handling firearms.  With that said, we have a new candidate for the “don’t let this happen to you…” club.

Authorities in Florida said a man accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun and didn’t notice the wound until he changed his shirt two days later.  Really?  The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a report of a shooting victim Saturday at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City and they spoke with Deltona resident Michael Blevins, 37, who had checked himself in to the hospital with a bullet wound.

Blevins told deputies he was cleaning his .22 caliber pistol in the living room of his home and he was holding the gun close to his chest to prevent his dog from jumping near it.  Blevens said he felt a sharp pain in his back from a previous injury when he tried to stand up and ended up falling face down.  Blevins said the gun fired and he struck his head on the edge of a glass coffee table.

He said he did not believe the bullet had struck him until Saturday, when he removed his long-sleeved black shirt and discovered the bullet’s entry and exit wounds on his arm.  Blevins said the medication he takes for his back injury may have prevented him from feeling any pain from the gunshot.

We want to know just what medication this dude is taking that would block the pain of being shot a close range.  Whatever it is, he must have washed it down with a tall glass of stupid.  Michael… Here’s your sign…


Feinstein just doesn’t get it…

feinstein1Dianne Feinstein, the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is calling ‘a growing threat’ the ‘multiplicity’ of terror attacks recently by “Lone Wolf” attackers who were spun up by radical internet messages.

By using the term ‘lone wolf,’ Senator Feinstein might be giving the impression these attackers were one offs, simply acting on their own apart from any radical agenda. But the current law actually takes this phenomenon into account.

Is she right? No; but like most issues for which we have to endure Feinstein’s timeless wisdom, we should offer some observations and common sense. Let’s go to the tote board:

  • A jihadist who was on the Canadian government watch list who hit and killed a Canadian soldier with his car
  • A radical recent convert to Islam who shot an unarmed guard and tried to attack the Canadian Parliament
  • A radical Islamist took a hatchet to two NYPD officers
  • A man beheaded an Oklahoma coworker and tried to attack another after they disagreed over Islamic values
  • A radical Islamist who was arrested before he could attack a co worker in another Okahoma workplace
  • The Boston Marathon bombers
  • The Fort Hood shooter
  • Oh, and there are a lot more

According to terrorist prosecutor and author Andrew C McCarthy:

Congress enacted “lone wolf” surveillance authority as part of the PATRIOT Act (see here, pp. 5–6). Significantly, the statute makes precisely the opposite assumption that government officials now make when they label someone a “lone wolf.”

The law says that if a person is engaged in what appears to be terrorist activity, the involvement of a foreign terrorist organization should be presumed and need not be established. So as conceived and codified, the lone-wolf designation means the government should regard a suspect as a terrorist, not strain against all evidence and logic to regard him as a non-terrorist.

In short, these bad guys are singing from the same song book, and the US should go after them with that in mind.  Fortunately, in Canada and with the beheading in Oklahoma, gun-toting good guys were able to cut short the jihadi’s plans. Unfortunately, Feinstein is among the biggest regulators of guns for individual self defense even though she has armed body guards and a concealed-carry permit.

Do you think she’ll change her mind?  Just as soon as purple polka-dotted monkeys fly out of my a$$…  To wit:


Can you say dumb-a$$?

Friends, there are some things you just don’t do.  This surveillance cam video shows the moment when the smirking grins are wiped off of partying kids’ faces after police on a helicopter track down those who shined a laser into their cockpit.  Note the idiot holding up their drink…


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