Rocket Science is Cool again!

spacex_grasshopperEven if Rockets & Space Exploration isn’t your thing, you’ve got to admit, the SpaceX Grasshopper is pretty cool.  Grasshopper is a 10-story, reusable launch vehicle designed to return to a launchpad for a vertical landing, instead of burning up upon reentering the Earth’s atmosphere.  In a recent test, which was about a minute long at the company’s facilities in McGregor, Texas, The rocket fires up its engines, blasts off, and then hovers in the air – swaying from side to side before returning to the launch pad and landing.  Checkout the video.  A reusable system could mean big savings in developing and operating rockets. The closest example of a reusable launch system is the retired space shuttle fleet, spacecraft that were only partially reused after a tedious months-long overhaul.  Another cool thing is that this isn’t NASA.  By that I mean Government and all the red tape, fraud, waste and abuse that goes with it.  This is an excellent example of a free-market economy both creating jobs, contributing to society and I’m sure, making a $hit-load of cash from their contracts.  SpaceX, good on ya…

UPDATE – 10/14/13 – A new video shows Grasshopper, SpaceX’s re-usable rocket, setting a height record for that model, soaring 744 meters above the arid landscape of Texas.

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