Robbers sneaked into a police armory and replaced the real guns with fakes…

In Paraguay.  Oh that makes sense.  Apparently high-powered rifles meant to be used by police began turning up on the black market. An investigation soon discovered where they came from… Paraguay officials say unknown thieves had broken into the National Police’s Department of Armaments and Munitions in Capiatá and made off 42 FAL-type rifles, which had come from Brazil originally. Investigators noticed discrepancies between what should have been in storage and what they found, and realized the rifles left inside the building were fake.

Officials believe the weapons were stolen to be sold on the black market in Brazil and neighboring countries. The rifles had been removed from the armory after they had been originally placed into storage to be upgraded to newer models. A police officer charged with guarding the area has been replaced. Really? Can you say suspect?


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