All current encryption methods will be broken “instantly” in 5 years’ time…

So says Head of IBM Research, Arvind Krishna. To be clear that would be all current encryption methods based on large prime numbers. Think Public-Key Cryptography.  Quantum computing, a concept developed since 1980s, has taken massive leaps forward during the past couple of years, as technologies have advanced. Quantum computing isn’t a “holy grail” for all kinds of computer solutions, but it is a technology that is extremely powerful in handling massive, large numbers. The problem? All modern encryption techniques are based on large numbers, namely, large prime numbers.  Well, not really.  Some solutions promise to be “Quantum-Resistant”…

Lattice-based cryptography already exists and is gaining traction.  The VooDoo is also continually refining our OTPSME solution which is as of this post, unbroken.


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