Bad Kitty…

Friends, if you’re going to live as a recluse/hoarder with a small army of marauding cats, be sure you have plenty of cat food and an automated feeder available in case of your death.  Otherwise you could end up like Janet Veal, a British citizen and recluse who apparently died in her flat without adequate provisions for the troops.  KittyThis lady’s cats had been feeding on her for approximately 3 months, according to the coroner.  “Certain parts of Mrs. Veal’s body were missing and had… effectively been gnawed and eaten away by the animals,” Coroner Keith Wiseman said in Southampton Coroner’s Court.  Damn!  Kinda makes you wonder if your cat is just hanging around, waiting for you to die so he can ring the dinner bell.  “…No more crappy dry food, tonight I’ll dine on your ass!…”  You just never know what they are thinking as they watch you sleep in the night…  Sweet dreams… <insert best Vincent Price laugh>

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