My Crapper got Hacked!

Jesus, you can’t even take a $hit in peace!  Of course, being the only male in my house, that was always true but now watch out where you crap in public, you could get hacked with your pants down!  A Japanese manufacturer is turning out a $6000.00 toilet which is controlled by an Android app.  IFW_HackingThis marvel of modern engineering contains a hardware flaw which allow anyone with the app on their phone to control the features of the unit.  I could see it now: I just sat down after a monster 5-bean and cheese burrito to relieve myself of the oncoming results of the meal.  As I’m doing my business, some punk with a smart phone walks in and decides he wants to have some fun.  First the toilet flushes by itself.  No problem, saves me the trouble.  Next the lid begins to slap my ass repeatedly as the bidet and air-dry mechanisms shoot $hitty water all over my pant legs.  Of course, I’d have to run-down the little bastard with the phone and deliver some VooDoo instant justice (use your imagination).  Friends, some things are best left low-tech.  This is decidedly one of them…

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